Let consumers choose how to engage with ads
and enjoy them!



Let consumers choose how they engage with your ads.
Don't compromise on engagement or performance.

Few pre-roll ads achieve their targets. Consumers often click away, open new tabs, or simply leave their seats - and automated "bots" are programmed to click play - all while your advertising dollars go to waste.

Pre-roll advertising doesn't need to be a zero-sum game. minteye's Pre-Roll Skip Ad™ gives consumers the choice to "Slide and Skip" - or "Push to Skip" on mobile devices - directly to your marketing message and call to action in a "lean-in" game-like experience.

  • Guarantee active and measurable branded engagement, averaging 9.3 seconds
  • Enhance positive brand association, balancing consumer choice with effective message delivery
  • Drive higher performance: 3.5% average click-through

minteye's ad units seamlessly fit as a layer on existing pre-roll video ads and are platform, device, and player agnostic.

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minteye's Pre-Roll Skip Ad™ was selected By AOL as the SKIP solution for AOL's sites and video ad network publishers.

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Flash version - VAST / VPAID support

HTML5 version - Optimized for mobile and touch screens. Full MRAID support


Guarantee consumer engagement and enhance performance.
Make your ads fun and memorable!

Research demonstrates that fewer than 14% of consumers remember the last display ad they saw, failing to recall the product, company, or brand.** Banner blindness has plagued online advertising for years, as millions of dollars go to waste.

Click-through-rates continue to decline, whereas hackers continue to activate automated bots that click on your ad. Standard captchas designed to secure sites and protect them from hackers comprise prime, highly targeted advertising inventory, but have failed to create a positive user experience.

How can you guarantee consumer engagement in a lean-in experience that combats banner blindness but ensures a positive user experience?

With minteye's Sliding Captcha™! minteye's Sliding Captcha ad units empower advertisers to:

  • Guarantee consumer engagement and fight banner blindness with a fun, lean-in experience
  • Improve user experience on a myriad of websites, promoting a positive perception of your brand
  • Drive performance with average CTR of 1-3%, 10-30 times the industry average
  • Target ads and place them in contextually and geographically relevant spots

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