minteye is breakthrough

The most enjoyable, effective and powerful ad messaging on the web today.

In a world of Banner Blindness and constantly decreasing CTRs minteye's provides breakthrough
solution set for advertisers to validate user's engagement with gam-ish innovative way.

  • Ensure your brand message exposure: Either Skip display ad OR Pre-Roll Video view
  • Deliver innovative video advertising online
  • Give your audience a choice and create a positive brand attitude
  • 38% of the users on average choose to Slide and Skip the Pre Roll Ad
  • 9.3 Seconds average engagement time with the Skip Ad
  • 3.5% average Click-Through Rate on Skip Ad
  • Insures your consumer mind and eyes are on your mark.
  • Brand lift with full user engagement
  • Clickable, High CTR 1%-3%
  • Works on any modern web browser including mobile and tablet devices
  • Direct Facebook "Like" clicks Pay only for real user engagement
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While watching a video on @TechCrunch ,i saw @EyeOnTheMark product. It was FANTASTIC. New Tech of Video Ad #videoad #prerollad #fantastic