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Frequently Asked Questions

For Site Owners

How do I get paid

We share 50% of our revenues with the Site owners (Publishers) payment will be made monthly, with a minimum threshold of 150USD by Pay Pal or Bank Transfer (If pay out is over 500USD)

How many times a day the back end reports are being update ?

The reports are updated every 6 hours. The displayed Time Zone is GMT

Why my FITs are increasing but revenue does not ?

Revenue share is applicable on commercial captchas when a user successfully FITs a captcha or Clicks on the ad unit, we try to match and optimize the sites profile to the existing campaigns according the users IP and the site category. If your users don't fall into any of our advertisers active campaigns we will serve a security only captcha.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We currently do not have an affiliate program

Do you have test environment for my Captcha ?

At the moment we do not support test enviroment


You are welcome to click on the Contact Us and send us any questions or inquires you might have. Complete the form according to the information fields listed and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

Is minteye's SLIDING CAPTCHA service Free?

The Non commercial and the House Ads CAPTCHA service is Free (up to 15,000 Captcha Per Month) if you need to serve more than 15,000 CAPTCHAs per month please email

What is the difference between Commercial and non Commercial Captchas ?

  • *Non Commercial - Security Only service. A random picture will be Displayed in your CAPTCHA image. The service is Free up to 15,000 CAPTCHAS per month. Email if you need more
  • *Commercial - Income generating CAPTCHA. An ad will be displayed as CAPTCHA image, your revenue will be generated as your users will Fit /Click the ad in your CAPTCHA (No revenue is Guaranteed). We share 50% of our revenue with the Site owners

What is House ads CAPTCHA?

*House Ads - Use your CAPTCHA to promote your Brand / Products / Services in your own site. Your CAPTCHA images will be displayed only on your site. The service is Free up to 15,000 CAPTCHAs per month. Email if you need more

Does mintey's Sliding captcha support audio challenge captcha for Visually impaired?

Visually impaired users can click the audio button to hear a instruction instead of the visual challenge.

For Advertisers

What type of Ad unit minteye supports?

We support 2 types of IAB ad units:
300W x 250H and 180W x 150H

What goals can I set for my campaign ?

You can buy clicks - Pay Per Click PPC (Traffic to your target site/landing page) or Engagement Pay Per Engagement PPE A successful Fit by a user which mean a proven engagement with your brand.

How do I set the PPC or PPE price

minteye's platform is based on a bidding system, the higher the bid the higher the number of exposures you'll receive to you campaign.

How long it take till I will start to get traffic to my campaign?

Once you upload your creative, set up the goal and put your credit card details, your campaign will be approved and will go live.