Let consumers choose how to engage with ads
and enjoy them!


minteye is an innovative advertising technology company that has developed cutting edge solutions to address the shortcomings of pre-roll video ads and captchas designated to secure sites and protect them from hackers.

Pre-roll Skip Ad™

minteye's Pre-Roll Skip Ad™ offers site visitors the choice to either complete the pre-roll or skip it by actively engaging with the advertiser's branded, game-like experience.

minteye empowers publishers to improve user experience and reduce bounce rate, while monetizing each page-view and impression even when site visitors skip the pre-roll. Advertisers benefit from measurable and guaranteed engagement with the advertiser's message and call-to-action, generating a 3.5% average click-through rate.

Learn more about the Pre-Roll Skip Ad's benefits for both Site Owners and Advertisers.

minteye's Pre-Roll Skip Ad™ units seamlessly fit as a layer on existing pre-roll video ads and are platform, device, and player agnostic:

  • Flash and HTML5
  • On any player that runs VAST / VPAID
  • iOS and Android

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Flash version - VAST / VPAID support

HTML5 version - Optimized for mobile and touch screens. Full MRAID support

Sliding Captcha™

Captchas serve as vital tools to secure your site and protect it from hackers. Too often, however, they are difficult to read and can harm your site's user experience, deterring visitors and posing an obstacle to conversion. minteye's Sliding Captcha™ empowers site owners to secure their web and mobile properties and protect them from hackers without compromising on user experience.
Advertisers are guaranteed engagement and can benefit from this improved user experience to deliver engaging, contextually targeted ads.

Learn more about the Sliding Captcha's benefits for Site Owners and Advertisers.

Use Cases and Monetization

As a site owner, you can choose how to use minteye's Sliding Captchas:

  • Security + Ad Revenue - you'll secure your web and mobile properties and generate a new revenue stream! Contextually and geographically targeted ads will be displayed within the Sliding Captcha™ unit and you'll generate revenue from such ads.
  • Security + House Ads - you'll secure your web and mobile properties and also promote your web and mobile properties. Your own house ad images will be displayed within the Sliding Captcha™ unit. The unit will not generate revenue.
  • Security Only - a random image will be displayed, without any ads served or income generated

Targeting and Optimization

Advertisers can target units based upon keywords, contextual placement, and geography. They can then use our platform to quickly and easily analyze and optimize their ad spend and their units' performance and make changes in real time.

Seamless Integration

minteye's Sliding Captcha™ units can be seamlessly integrated with within any web or mobile property. We've done the heavy lifting - all you need to do is choose your settings and integrate a short script or plug-in and we'll take care of the rest!

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