Let consumers choose how to engage with ads
and enjoy them!

Site Owners


Enhance engagement. Increase ROI.
Lower bounce rates.

Research demonstrates that as many as 25% of site visitors click away from sites when forced to watch a pre-roll video ad*.
minteye's Pre-Roll Skip Ad™ offers your site's visitors the choice to either complete the pre-roll or skip it by actively engaging with the advertiser's branded experience.
minteye's Pre Roll Skip Ad™ empowers you to:

  • Improve user experience and reduce bounce rate: 38% on average have chosen
    to "slide and skip"
  • Monetize each page-view and impression even when site visitors skip the pre-roll
  • Enhance measurable engagement with an advertiser's message and call-to-action
  • Generate positive perception of your site and advertisers

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Flash version - VAST / VPAID support

HTML5 version - Optimized for mobile and touch screens. Full MRAID support


Secure your site. Improve user experience.
Generate new revenue

Captchas serve as vital tools to secure your site and protect it from hackers. Too often, however, they are difficult to read and can harm your site's user expirience, deterring visitors and posing an obstacle to conversion. Until now!

minteye's Sliding Captcha™ empowers you to:

  • Enhance your site's security and protection from hackers
  • Improve user experience by replacing standard captchas that so many find annoying and difficult to read
  • Increase conversion - 94% on average, 24% higher than the industry average
  • Generate new revenue by monetizing our Sliding Captcha™ with engaging, lean-in brand advertising
  • Offer your advertisers a high performance advertising platform: 1-3% CTR, 10-30x average CTR generated by banners

Learn how easy it is to integrate minteye's Sliding Captcha™ platform and how you can monetize each and every captcha!

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Follow in AOL's footsteps and partner with minteye to revolutionize the way in which you monetize your video content. Read more to learn why AOL chose to offer its site visitors the ability to skip its own video ads to both boost engagement and increase monetization.